LAMBA – Sac & Fox Singletrack

From the Fir Avenue parking area begin onto the L.A.M.B.A. trails on the Sac & Fox multi-modal trail. Not long after the trail turns east (approximately 50 feet past the trail counters) there will be an entrance to the singletrack on the left.

Flowing through the woods and grasslands adjacent to the Cedar River, this trail segment strives to create a trail experience rarely found in the area – a linear singletrack tied directly to existing park infrastructure (parking areas, picnic facilities, and other multi-modal trails with community connectivity).

The first singletrack called Locust mirrors the Cedar River, flowing nicely onto and off from the Sac & Fox multi-modal trail at the natural bends near the parking area and the bike pedestrian bridge / equestrian crossing. Once off the Sac & Fox, the singletrack trail has the opportunity to flow in and around a mix of trees and grasses, providing an immersion in nature experience just out of site of Otis Road and the Sac & Fox multi-modal trail.

The Ash singletrack picks up from the same bridge / equestrian crossing where Segment 1 comes to an end, heading parallel to the Sac & Fox and re-entering the multi-modal trail prior to the railroad bridge underpass.

The terrain and vegetation of the parcel in which Ash passes is slightly different to that of Locust, with the singletrack trail exhibiting a bit more varied characteristics for the user (i.e. trail flow, scenery, etc.).

However, the most significant difference between the two segments is proximity to the rail tracks as the trails converge to share the underpass; it should be noted that the section closest to the railroad underpass is lowest in elevation and prone to flooded and soggy conditions when the Cedar River is high.

Maple picks up right north of Indian Creek Nature Center and provides a fun, winding singletrack through the woods. The trail is bisected by Bertram Road and continues north to Mt. Vernon Road.

Birch is a challenging segment that is built on the opposite (West) side of Indian Creek. This segment also includes a fun loop on the south end called Creek Hugger. Birch is expected to be completed in the spring of 2024. The trail is a “black” trail due to the challenging terrain and drop-offs to the creek. The City property is narrow here, so a Green level route was not possible. Beginner riders should connect using the existing gravel trail on the east side of the creek.

The final segment is called Aspen. This is an amazing two mile trail segment that again explores the opposite side of the creek from the existing gravel trail. The trail connects from the East Post road trailhead to Rosedale road. The trail is an intermediate, blue level trail due to the narrow bench cut section on the east end.

Sac & Fox Single Track