Wanatee is now open!

As you may have heard, another major workday on Saturday broke open the trails at Wanatee. The only parts that are not open are the west sections of the Red Cedar. Those will be logged in the fall and won’t open this year.

So that’s good news, but that’s not all. Many people have told many stories of dangerous encounters on Mercy Flush as it rips downhill, but it’s a two way trail. We’ll be working next on a trail that climbs out of that holler and will make Mercy Flush down, a one way. Stay tuned for work days for that trail as it is already designed, cleared, and flagged.

Also, we’re taking advantage of some of what Ma Nature threw at us and we’re adding trail features such as TTF’s and some B lines. Now pay attention because this is important. We’ve had plenty of issues the last few years of people building jumps and such without approval. There are specific people doing specific things right now to identify opportunities, communicate them, and execute them. Those people know who they are and they are the only people that can do it. If you’re wondering if you’re one of those people, you probably are not. Please don’t build rogue stuff, as it puts our access at risk and we’ll just destroy what you built. So please don’t.